tumblr on iPhone 6 is so good.

i don’t understand people who don’t vote.

nobody understands my love for Rich Homie Quan.

iTunes Match is really underrated though.

bury me in trendpieces and listicles.


i feel like the most cynical person but i can’t even find it in me to be astounded at the bullshit around the kent state urban outfitters thing (which i will not link to, because i’m not giving them the traffic). all roads of capitalism led to this point. their response was gaslighting 101 also….




White men can take nations but they can’t take a joke

This is a generalization.

case in point 

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I am Nigerian because a white man created Nigeria and gave me that identity. I am black because the white man constructed black to be as different as possible from his white. But I was Igbo before the white man came.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (via theijeoma)

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