a lot of people talk shit about Paris Hilton but she’s probably 10x smarter than those people to be honest.

considering I’ve listened to Move that Dope millions of times at this point it’s pretty cool that i haven’t got sick of it yet.

"bhurr durr i don’t understand what feminism is and have no intention of trying to do so lol durrrrrr"

it’s not even 11am and i’m already embarrassed to be a white male.

'…when Instagram was acquired by Facebook, it employed 13 people; Kodak, in its heyday, employed more than 140,000.'

i do everything with a tinge of irony so i don’t have to face the real world.



Anyone that uses your grasp of the English language as an indicator of your intelligence is probably a racist

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why do men have to be convinced that feminism benefits them before they support it?